Message from the President Commissioner

The year 2012 began with optimism on economic sector. The growth of Indonesia’s economy achieved 6.23%. Such a good record for a country, Indonesia amidst the crisis occurring in European country. Indonesia was able to grow, whereas other countries experienced minus growths. Meanwhile, the map of new hotel growth indicated an increasingly growth. This is shown by the increase number of hotels in various areas, particularly the destination areas and Jakarta, the capital city. Such increase number of new hotels has shown us that the hospitality industry remains the promising industry in Indonesia. Hotel expansions owned by either foreigners or foreign hotel management have also shown that market share of the hotel is still large. Foreign hotel franchise has started to penetrate to Indonesia, from the budget hotel to five-star hotel.

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Corporate News

Penandatanganan Kredit Sindikasi untuk PT HSJI dari Bank Papua, Bank Kalsel dan Bank Kaltim senilai Rp 320 miliar. (Bisnis Indonesia, 21/03/2013)

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PT. SIHMC is handled by a Board of Directors and Commissioners, who all have practical experience in planning, developing and managing hotels, , backed by ...

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PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International was established in Jakarta on May 23, 1969 is looking for highly qualified, young professional and right person candidates...

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