Five Principles

  1. To live is to give life
    That one's life is not merely for oneself, but is for the greater good of people.

  2. To humanize humans
    That one should always treat others as equals and as God Almighty's creation.

  3. To act reasonably
    That one should not act in ways that are too extreme, not be arrogant, and not make oneself unnecessarily prominent or dominant.

  4. To be prepared for change
    That one should always be anticipative, creative and innovative in dealing with change, and instead of being altered by the situation, one should transform oneself according to the needs of the times.

  5. To live life as a noble mandate
    That one should be grateful to God Almighty and also to others for one's accomplishments and successes in society, and that one should deal with the blessings of God Almighty accordingly so that they are useful to all stakeholders and the society, as a guarantee for one's future life until it ends, “Husnul Khotimah”.

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