Concise History of the Company

PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International was established in Jakarta on 23 May 1969 with the an aim and goals to engage in businesses within the hotel and tourism industry.

In 1970, the Company started the construction of a hotel at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 86, Jakarta, which subsequently started its operations on 23 March 1974, under the name of Hotel Sahid Jaya. In addition to 439 rooms, Hotel Sahid Jaya also has a number of conference rooms, restaurants, office spaces, shopping arcade, and sports facilities such as swimming pools and a tennis court. In 1987, Hotel Sahid Jaya obtained its status as a five-star hotel.

On 22 December 1986, the Shareholders of the Company began to develop a building, as an extension of the one existing, so that by the end of the development of the building, Hotel Sahid Jaya’s number of rooms was increased to 751.

In line with the Company's progress in the hotel industry, PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International conducted an Initial Public Offering and had its shares listed on the Indonesian Stock Market in 1990. This action was taken in order to obtain fresh capital from the public to expand the Company's businesses. In 1993, the Company distributed 40,800,000 bonus shares from the capitalization of share premium, whereby each holder of 5 shares received 3 bonus shares. Furthermore, on 26 September 1997, the Company obtained an Effective Statement from the Chairman of Bapepam to perform a Limited Public Offering (Rights Issue) I with Preemptive Rights in the amount of 217,600,000 shares, whereby each holder of 1 share was entitled to purchase 2 shares.

The Company on December 22, 2011, has conducted a quasi reorganization that has been approved by Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on the same date. As such, the Company has eliminated the Company’s deficit balance on the Company’s Consolidated Report as per June 30, 2011.

Office Location
Sahid Building 2nd Floor Southwing
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman 86
Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia
Phone : +6221 - 5704444
Fax : +6221 - 5731460